the journey

Wednesday, June 15th

looking back

I just wanted to see if I left a picture here
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Friday, May 29th


music: Dom and Jane Show
mood: happy

faithbelief (122k image)

Faith - Belief in what we cannot see or fully understand.
I like my life right now, it is good and calm. My garden is planted and flourishing and my days are easy.
I feel blessed.
Debra Ruth

Debra on 05.29.09 @ 10:56 AM EST [link][6 Comments]

Tuesday, May 26th

Another rainy day

Nathan (152k image)
Linda and Patrick on 05.26.09 @ 01:10 PM EST [more..][965 Comments]

Tuesday, May 19th

rsz_happy_boy[1] (95k image)

I can't believe I can finally post pictures now that no one uses this site much!! Pretty funny I just had to find a different resizer. I found a very simple one..
Linda and Patrick on 05.19.09 @ 12:09 PM EST [link][127 Comments]

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Thursday, March 12th

Spring is in the air...

mood: Ready to go home

hope (82k image)

I love crocus flowers, mine are starting to poke their tender little heads up in the garden, I love the promise of new life and hope.
Debra Ruth
Debra on 03.12.09 @ 05:53 PM EST [link][855 Comments]

Saturday, February 28th


music: Boxing...
mood: Easy

panorama (26k image)
Hi everyone
I hope everyone had a fun day...I was going to garden but it was so cool this morning,and there was a pretty steady wind, so we went for a ride instead. I needed to take some pictures with my new camera so off we went. We drove out east to the open land. Well anyway it USED to be open land, a new development has been about 1/2 built out there. Looks like they stopped when money started getting tight. Still we were able to find some old farm roads and I took some pictures. We saw a hawk and I tried to capture him with my burst on the camera...I got a couple of pictures of him...We messed around with pictures, then drove over to look at the new houses that had been built out there. They are real nice but sort of far away, expensive to. Spring is on the way and I am so GLAD
Debra Ruth
pgrass (37k image)
Praire grass blowing in the breeze
hawk (56k image)
Hawk on pole
greenonotherside (103k image)
A little horse sticking his head through the fence to eat…he still had a warming blanket on it got very cold here last night
garyfence (38k image)
Gary by the cool old fence
Debrafence (95k image)
Hanging by the fence posts
cowfence (60k image)
This was such a cool old fence I enjoyed taking pictures of it
hawkandmountain (48k image)
This is a compilation I did of the hawk flying away and the mountains…I was pretty impressed that I could get them in pretty good detail way out in the prairie
mgar (66k image)
A pretty fun day

Debra on 02.28.09 @ 10:50 PM EST [link][298 Comments]

Wednesday, February 25th

good morning

mood: good

Hi everyone.

I found a site that has the cutest free animal wallpaper for your computer. this is the link

Have a great day
Linda and Patrick on 02.25.09 @ 11:56 AM EST [link][19 Comments]

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